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Shutdown Fears & Farewell Housewives of DC: Tweet Beat

Oh, and Michael Voltaggio prefers pizza to pig snout

It was another exhausting week here in Washington and abroad. Stateside, the nation (not to mention our fair city) waits for Congress to make a decision on the impending government shutdown.

Across the Pacific, Japan just can’t catch a break. A 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the country Thursday even as it’s still dealing with the aftermath of last month’s devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

To top it off, our favorite local housewives will no longer entertain us with their high-class, dramatic, party-crashing ways. Bravo has finally confirmed it’ll axe The Real Housewives of DC after just one season.

With so much dreary news to take in, this week Washingtonians took to Twitter to express their frustrations.


New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand @SenGillibrand: ‘If the govt shuts down, regional offices will be closed, which will adversely affect seniors & vets who need our help.’

No trash pickup for a week will also adversely affect anyone who works and lives in the District. With our bipolar weather patterns, it’s sure to happen the week it’s 80-plus degrees. Yikes.

Washington Post’s Ezra Klein: @ezraklein: ‘Sort of hoping the media will also shut down next week. Got a long netflix queue I’d like to make some progress on.’

Seconded. We have four seasons of Mad Men to catch up on!

DC Housewife Mary Amons: @maryamons: ‘Bittersweet day, memorable fun ride w/ @catommanney @THErealLyndaDC @stacieturnerdc & the Bravo family! Exciting projects ahead! #staytuned’

We’ll miss you, ladies. Guess you just weren’t insane enough for reality TV (and that’s a good thing!).

Top Chef Michael Voltaggio: @MVoltaggio: ‘Pizza RT @MeatMaven: Last night dinner I had raw venison liver, lamb kidneys & tongue, tripe, and pig snout with snails. What did you have?’

We’re gonna go with Michael on this one. Between pizza and pig snout with snails, pizza always wins.

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