Outtakes: Washington’s Hot Dogs

We don't have space for all of our beautiful photos in the magazine. Here's a chance to flip through extra pictures from Todd Kliman's quest for a great hot dog.

A lineup of hot dogs from Capitol Hill's DC-3, where franks come with all sorts of crazy toppings (crab dip, anyone?). Photograph by Scott Suchman

Burgers and pizzas have all gone boutique in the past decade as junk food has gone gourmet, but the hot dog lagged way behind its iconic counterparts—a distant third on the local scene. The dog is now getting its day, though, and I spent the past couple of months wolfing down franks of every size and flavor for a story in the April issue.

The results? Haute Dogs & Fries in Purcellville is the by far best of the new-breed dog houses, while a number of talented chefs are cranking out one-offs at unlikely venues, including Lyon Hall in Arlington and Sidebar in Silver Spring.

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