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Tim Greeff: 40 Under 40

The young lobbyists with the most influence in Washington

Name: Tim Greeff
Firm: Clean Economy Network
Age: 34

After years working in the environmental and clean-energy communities, most recently with the League of Conservation Voters, Greeff realized something was missing. Associations were advocating for the solar, wind, and geothermal industries, but no single entity could go to bat for the clean-energy sector as a whole. That led Greeff in 2009 to help launch the Clean Economy Network, which he dubs “technology agnostic” because its members represent all aspects of the clean-energy space. It’s also politically agnostic. Nearly half its board members are Republican, and in 2010 its PAC raised more money for the GOP than for Democrats. As policy and political director, Greeff has led such legislative victories as the effort to extend a Treasury grant program that gives funding to clean-energy companies for new projects.

This article appears in the June 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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