Toigo Orchards, Clear Spring Creamery, and More: The Best of Washington’s Farmers Markets

While lots of farmers sell great products, there are some vendors that we always visit. Here's what's on our permanent shopping list.

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Eye-Pleasing Produce

White peaches from Reid's Orchard & Winery
Juicy, almost floral-flavored peaches can be found from late June to late September.

Salad greens from Endless Summer Harvest
The Loudon Blend, with butterhead and red-oak lettuces, is our favorite for salads, and the arugula stays fresh for weeks.

Carrots from Tree and Leaf Farm
The colorful varieties are sweet, snappy, and beautiful.

Cucumbers from Toigo Orchards
Late-summer cukes are refreshing and don't turn bitter.

Apricots from Kuhn Orchards
This stall's apples, cider, and Japanese plums are legendary, but it's the juicy, flavorful apricots —which appear mid-summer—that we crave most.

Honey-yogurt drink
from Clear Spring Creamery
It's not produce, but we find this faintly sweet, thick-but-sippable yogurt irresistible.

Great Food in Washington: Where to Find It

This article appears in the May 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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