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Great Dishes at Bethesda Restaurants

Sometimes one or two dishes make a restaurant worth going to. Here are some very good plates to seek out.

Mussel Bar
7262 Woodmont Ave.; 301-215-7817
Roasted-beet salad with grapefruit, cumin, herbed yogurt, and lemon and the hoppy Coniston Bluebird Bitter beer from England at Mussel Bar.

Yamas Mediterranean Grill
4806 Rugby Ave.; 301-312-8384
Stuffed grape leaves and a gyro made with crisp-edged meat sliced from a big house-made lamb-and-beef cone that twirls and sizzles on the rotisserie at Yamas Mediterranean Grill.

Best of Bethesda

Bistro LaZeez
8009 Norfolk Ave.; 301-652-8222
Syrian/Lebanese spiced-beef kofta and house-made pistachio-studded vanilla ice cream scented with orange-flower water at Bistro LaZeez.

Cesco Trattoria
4871 Cordell Ave.; 301-654-8333
House-made pappardelle with duck sauce and grilled whole Mediterranean bass with rosemary, thyme, and garlic at Cesco Trattoria.

Lebanese Taverna
7141 Arlington Rd.; 301-951-8681
Mediterranean mezze platter with savory meat, cheese, and spinach pies and dabs of labneh, tabbouleh, and eggplant salad to scoop up with pillowy house-made pita at Lebanese Taverna.

Bacchus of Lebanon
7945 Norfolk Ave.; 301-657-1722
Cooked cabbage stuffed with rice, mint, onion, and pomegranate sauce and fried Lebanese bread layered with eggplant, ground beef, and yogurt-garlic sauce at Bacchus of Lebanon.

Sweet Basil
4910 Fairmont Ave.; 301-657-7997
Asian greens, eggplant, and zucchini in green curry and Thai turnip cakes with egg, scallion, and Sriracha sauce at Sweet Basil.

Divino Lounge
7345-B Wisconsin Ave.; 240-497-0300
Argentine parrilla of bone-in short ribs and fried potatoes at Divino Lounge.

Mon Ami Gabi
7239 Woodmont Ave.; 301-654-1234
Open-faced shrimp-and-crab salad and tuna niçoise tartines available at lunch and brunch at Mon Ami Gabi.

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