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Brightest Young Things Newseum IV in 3D (Pictures)

4,000 people party in costume at the Newseum.

Characters from Alice in Wonderland stopped by BYT’s Newseum Halloween Bash. Photograph by Kyle Gustafson

It’s been two years since the last Where’s Waldo? book was published and about 15 since its peripatetic protagonist was considered a personage of pop culture relevance. And yet, at least ten young someones at the Brightest Young Things Halloween party this past Friday donned his signature striped shirt, black-rimmed spectacles, and wool cap. Waldos popped up in bar lines amid bumblebees and German beer wenches; volleyed with flappers and trolls at Joola-sponsored Ping-Pong tables; and, outside, bummed cigarettes from LEGO people and Santa’s elves in skimpy, fur-lined skirts.

According to BYT founder Svetlana Legetic, four thousand people—nearly all of them in costume—showed up to the sold-out event, the fourth in BYT’s Night at the Newseum series. They wandered the exhibits, snapping Instagrams of themselves next to life-size John Dillinger cutouts and slabs of Berlin Wall, and rubbed up against each other’s fairy wings and furry dog tails on the dance floor. Beats were provided by deejays Questlove and Adrian Loving on the main floor and Woolfy and Josh Stewart on the sixth. Elevator bars, called “Stellavators,” came courtesy of Stella Artois.

This was BYT’s last Newseum party for the season. Legetic hopes for more such events come summer but says dates have not yet been scheduled.