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The Best of Craigslist’s Missed Connections

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the posts get sweeter, funnier . . . and more desperate.

Photograph by Flickr user xxjoyceeyxx.

Maybe it’s the approach of Valentine’s Day, or the pseudo-spring weather, but it seemed a good time to check in with the “Missed Connections” on Craigslist. They’re alternately weird, entertaining, and even endearing. It makes one wonder: Is Washington a city of lonelyhearts? Or has OKCupid become our love lifeline? Regardless, we pulled a collection of standouts, and will have more as February 14 approaches. All ads appear as posted (spelling errors and all).

Hot for EMT “You were the witty, attractive EMT who transported me from my embarrassing ‘danced too hard’ injury to Sibley. You made the ride much more enjoyable and took my mind off the pain. I’d love to see you and listen to some Christina Aguilera :)” 

Mysteriously Vague “I think we both noticed each other early on, but couldn’t tell if you were just doing your job and being flirty or if there was genuine interest. If you’re interested in knowing more, reply here with some details about the night that only I might know.”

Blue Line Love “We were on the blue line heading towards Franconia, you were in a suit, I was in a black coat and scarf, hair pulled back. We smiled, you got off at the National Airport stop and the second you got off the train I regretted not saying something . . .”

Regrets Suck “you were a cute girl with a nose ring from san francisco. we went to the same college. i should have gotten your number. regrets suck.” 

I Watched While You Were Sleeping “I helped you get your bag on the Amtrak Vermonter from Union Station to NYC on Monday morning. You fell asleep right away so I didn’t I get the chance to talk to you, even though I sat across from you. A big guy sat next to you in Trenton—lucky him. If you live in the DC area, how about coffee sometime?”

Not Even an eHarmony Rejection Will Stop Me “Diligently seeking Ellen of Severna Park MD. You are 40 5’4” red hair, Irish, one child, and absolutely beautiful. Your occupation is listed as administration. We matched on but you responded that you were pursuing another relationship and once you press that button we can no longer communicate. I am easygoing passionate and loyal, just like you. I really love your beautiful smile and want to meet you. I want you to consider me as a serious prospect. I am a diligent seeker and have character. You will not be dissapointed. Please respond, Tom” 

Security Snatched You Up “I was sitting at the bar and u wanted to have a good time and then asked me to dance with you. I did not want to but said it would be fun. I would say you were late 30’s early 40’s and security snatched you up and you were taken to your limo and the night was over. This happened in 07’, 08’ maybe somewhere around that time. I know this is crazy but would love to know whom you were.” 

Kissed at the Rooftop Bar “We met at the Reef in Adams Morgan last week, youre # never saved in my phone………We had a great time, you were with your girlfriend, we kissed at the rooftop bar…you said you went to Mason, you’re 23 yrs young, smoke Parliament Lights, slight Eastern European accent….”

Birthday Boy in a Bow Tie “You were our waiter last night at Founding Farmers—and so cute! I was the birthday boy in the bow tie.”

“I’m Very Well Educated at Ivy League Universities” “You were shopping alone at Giant at Van Ness Saturday 5pm (14 Jan). 

You are a young Asian woman about 5’5”, thin, and you were wearing blue short skirt and full length black patterned stockings—very cute!

I hope you will get in touch. Unusual I know, but sometimes doing something a little spontaneous and unusual is a good idea.

I’m a journalist, international affairs, very well educated at Ivy League Universities and very well traveled around our world, and I’m hoping to meet you and invite you to lunch or dinner in our Van Ness neighborhood.”

“Lets Start Over” “we had a strong bond for a couple years i couldn’t make you the one so we had problems but i know we still feel the same, email me sometime lets start over” 

Not Even a Loud Child Can Stop Our Love “it was the orange line yesterday and our train was held up for quite a while at mcpherson square. i was sitting down next to a very old gentleman and you were standing up. you had brownish hair, a blue shirt and you were reading a red book. there was a very loud child on our train as well. you and i caught glances a couple times and i saw you smile. i hope it was because of me.”