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What Washington Media Had to Say About the Grammys

Local thoughts on the ceremony in 140 characters or less.

If, like us, you sat through at least part of the Grammy Awards last night, you probably have some questions. Questions such as: Why was Paul McCartney wearing suspenders? Why was Taylor Swift performing what looked like an homage to Sister Wives? Why were Etta James and Don Cornelius left out of the In Memoriam sequence? Who let Gwyneth Paltrow come back this year? And where, oh where, was Kanye?

Our favorite Washington media tweeters didn’t answer any of these questions, but following them was a lot more entertaining than watching Nicki Minaj writhe around while restrained or Katy Perry morph into Smurfette Gone Wild. So here’s a roundup of some of the best tweets from last night. Note: That last tweet is NOT from the real Barack Obama.