Imbiber's Agenda: Notable New Spirits Hit Washington

Arriving from Brooklyn (Breuckelen?), Kentucky, and California, here are a trio of new boozes to try.

California distiller St. George has ginned up a local distribution deal. It should be in stores next month.

What with all the craft distilleries popping up everywhere, new spirits enter the Washington market all the time. One notable newcomer is Angel’s Envy bourbon, made by a legend–the longtime Brown-Forman distiller and all-around gentleman Lincoln Henderson. Angel’s Envy has shown up on liquor store shelves all over town,* including those at Ace Beverage, Potomac Wine & Spirits, and Harry’s Reserve Liquor. While it’s not likely to replace your favorite sipping bourbon, it works well in a variety of bourbon cocktails–for advice on toying with Angel’s Envy at home, I’d refer you to Jeff Faile over at Fiola.

Another one to look out for: gin from Brooklyn distiller Breuckelen Distilling, which first started showing up in the District in December. You can currently get a bottle at Ace Beverage, or order some at the Gin Joint at New Heights (where it is paired with house-made ginger-and-cracked-black-pepper tonic), as well as Jaleo and America Eats Tavern. Breuckelen recently hooked up with wholesaler Country Vintner, and so should be more widely available in Maryland and DC this summer.

And big news for St. George fans: the Alameda, California company will soon sell its gins locally. Company rep Ellie Winters sends word that the DC arm of Distributor Republic National just placed an order for St. George Absinthe Verte, Single Malt Whiskey, and Breaking & Entering bourbon, along with the company’s three tasty gins: Botanivore, Dry Rye, and this imbiber’s personal favorite, the woodsy Terroir (Douglas fir is among the ingredients in its bouquet of botanicals). St. George’s bottles should start showing up on shelves in about a month or so.

*Stock will, of course, vary at retailers and bars. To minimize disappointment, call ahead.