Edward Marc Chocolatier

At their Pentagon store, Edward Marc Chocolatier owners Chris Edwards and sister Dana Manatos. Brother Mark Edwards runs the business office in Pittsburgh. All three formerly worked in the George W. Bush White House, and Chris also worked on the Sarah Palin campaign. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
All ready for Easter, an assortment of delicious chocolates at Edward Marc Chocolatier. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
A bountiful Easter Bunny from Edward Marc Chocolatier. The sibling owners used family names to create the brand. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
The colorful Easter eggs come in dark and milk chocolate, and each is hand-rolled with different fillings. Raspberry truffle is popular this time of year. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
At the Edward Marc shop at the Pentagon, Dana Manatos dips fresh strawberries in dark chocolate, a specialty made fresh daily. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
Freshly dipped chocolate strawberries at Edward Marc Chocolatier at the Pentagon. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
Eat the military industrial complex! A stack of milk and dark chocolate Pentagons. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
A bestseller at Edward Marc Chocolatier: the chocolate-covered pretzels. Photograph by Jeff Martin.
The Edward Marc chocolate shop at the Pentagon. To shop there requires a security clearance, but the sweets are available online and at Dean & Deluca and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Edward Marc specialties: truffles, pretzels, coconut bark, and nonpareils. Photograph by Jeff Martin.

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