Things to Do

What to Do This Weekend: April 5 to 8

Kevin Costner’s band, flash-mob pillow fights, and fireworks on the waterfront.

Catch the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival on Saturday. Photograph by Flickr user Broken Thoughts.

Thursday, April 5

ART: Right after landing man on the moon, everyone was ready for moon colonies, hanging out with Martians on weekends, and week-long ice-skating expeditions to Saturn’s rings. Well, none of that worked out, but the fanciful ideas of the past have returned with Artisphere‘s “Elevator to the Moon: Retro-Future Visions of Space.” More than a dozen artists portray what we used to think space would be like. In the immediate future, check out the opening reception tonight, featuring a talk with curator Jared Davis and light refreshments. Free. 5:30 PM.

ACTORS SINGING: Last week it was Wayne Brady, this week it’s Kevin Costner. The Postman’s band, Kevin Costner & Modern West, dance with country music at Strathmore tonight. It’s passable, though don’t expect him to win a CMA anytime soon . . . but if you sing it, they will come, right? Tickets ($35 to $90) are available online. 8 PM.

Friday, April 6

PAPER PLANES: The College Park Aviation Museum is ashamed of how your paper-airplane-making skills have devolved since you were in third grade (we don’t even believe you were ever good at it). Get your (paper) pilot’s wings at Paper Airplane Day, then try out your new toy during a flying contest. Great if your kid is on spring break. Admission is free with museum admission, or $4 for just the event. Noon.

CHOCOLATE BUNNIES: If you’ve got Good Friday off or don’t mind playing hooky, check out Co Co. Sala‘s chocolate bunny decorating class. Perfect for both children and adults, the class will no doubt produce chocolate bunnies that put whatever the neighbors down the street are filling their kid’s basket with to shame. Enjoy other sweets and hot chocolate while you’re working. Tickets ($60) are available online. 2 PM.

DANCE: If you haven’t experienced the floor-shaking that comes along with Moneytown at Little Miss Whiskey’s on Friday nights, you need to. DJ Nightkrawler spins funk, soul, and disco, and the packed-in crowd goes nuts. Just stay away from the slushies if you’re planning on remembering the night. Free. 10 PM.

Saturday, April 7

FIREWORKS: Even though the weather seems to say otherwise, it’s not July yet. But you can catch fireworks at the Southwest Waterfront Fireworks Festival, part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Head over in the early afternoon to see several armed forces bands, hit up some food trucks, and hang out at the beer garden. The festivities start at 1 PM; the fireworks begin at 8:30.

PILLOW FIGHT: You spent your childhood whacking your younger brother with pillows . . . out of love, right? Prove you haven’t lost any skill since then with a flash-mob pillow fight on the Mall to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. Afterward, head to Dupont Circle for some more pillow-based games. Free. 1:30 PM.

BALLET: The New York City Ballet is in town. In the afternoon, they’ll take pages from American classics such as West Side Story; in the evening, they’ll performing contemporary works from around the world, including Hallelujah Junction and Russian Seasons. To add to the excitement, the company throws out the backing tracks, instead relying on the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra. Tickets ($25 to $89) are available online. 1:30 and 7:30 PM.

WEIRDNESS: In case Red Palace wasn’t already weird enough, it ups the ante with Epic Win Burlesque, a geek-themed vaudeville and burlesque show. Expect lots of face paint, Internet memes, nerd culture jokes, and lord knows what else. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 the day of. 8 and 10:30 PM.

Sunday, April 8

BRUNCH: Easter has been doing brunch since before it was trendy–so do it up at one of these 31 places.

DANCE: If you’ve still got energy after all that brunch, you can work it off at Rock & Roll Hotel–it’s hosting a free dance night, featuring house music from Chicago. Free. 10 PM.