A Wine Riot Erupts in Washington (Pictures)

While Washington’s wine elite mingled at Heart’s Delight this weekend, another tasting event beckoned twenty-something vino drinkers to DAR Hall.

Electropop deejay Andie Verbance drinks on the job. Photograph by Jeff Martin.

This weekend, as Washington’s heavy hitters sipped some of the world’s most expensive wines at the Heart’s Delight auction, the next generation of drinkers were descending upon DAR Hall for Wine Riot.

Created in 2008 by a company called Second Glass, the event tours cities throughout the US and offers classes and tastings geared toward a younger set of vino swillers: Think deejays, temporary tattoos, and youth-geared company jargon like “brain juice,” “die-hard experts,” and “killer soundtrack.” Event-goers took advantage of Second Glass’s smartly devised smartphone app designed to help them tackle the trickiest part about trying hundreds of wines in one afternoon/evening: remembering what you drank. A photo booth–that must-have amenity of any Millenial-minded event–helped safeguard more memories from the vino fog.

Head to the slideshow to relive the riot.