A Sneak Peek at the Cocktails and Dishes at Quench

Sex in the Suburbs is a riff on a Cosmopolitan with chili-infused hibiscus vodka, cranberry, lime, and Prosecco. Oshana says while spicy drinks and other such adventurous offerings are scarce in ’burban bars, “I like to give the people of Rockville more credit than that.” Photograph by Dakota Fine.

The Kentucky Irby–named for one of Steve Oshana’s friends–combines Old Tom gin, muddled rosemary, sugar, lemon, and mint foam. “I like to juxtapose textures,” explains Oshana. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

“I always wanted to name a drink Tequila Mockingbird,” says Oshana. The literary libation features tequila, ginger, vanilla, lime, orange blossom honey, and egg white. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

Among the “Snx” on the menu are corn beignets dusted with sea salt and pulverized smoked honey. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

This shrimp ceviche is made with farm-raised shrimp, peppers, and spices marinated in a mixture of citrus juices. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

Warm weather offerings include this arugula salad with watermelon, goat cheese, and corn croutons. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

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