Gina Chersevani’s Union Market Soda Shop and Bar Will Be Called Buffalo and Bergen

Get ready to “adult up” your egg cream.

Chefs and bartenders often pay homage to their family on menus (and on
tattoos), but mixtress Gina Chersevani is going one step further with Buffalo and Bergen, a soda shop-cum-bar joining the slew of just-released vendors at the soon-to-open Union

Gina Chersevani will bring the bubbles and booze to Union Market this summer. Photograph by Alejandro Salinas.

The catchy name refers to the cross-section of Buffalo Avenue
and Bergen Street in Brooklyn where Chersevani’s mom–nicknamed

“Nonnie”–grew up. As Chersevani tells it, no matter what kind
of drink she’d make her, it was never as good as an egg cream

from Norma’s, an old-school Brooklyn soda fountain. Maybe not
quite the same, but Chersevani will replicate “Nonnie’s egg

cream” and other classics such as fountain sodas and malts at
her 15-seat market spot (more communal market seats will be

available). Modern twists include house-made seasonal sodas in
flavors like honey-citrus–another familial homage, this time

to her orange soda-loving father–and the biggest of all: the
ability to “adult up” your beverage with booze.

Chersevani is also collaborating with Jamie Leeds on her Hank’s on the Hill project.

Gina Chersevani Out at PS 7’s

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