Things to Do

What to Do This Week: August 6 to 9

Watch movies outdoors and show off your mad karaoke skills.

Channel your inner rock star with a karaoke fundraiser for the Congressional Chorus. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Monday, August 6

MOVIE: I remember warning you that
Screen on the Green would be done as soon as it came, and look, here we are. Hope you don’t have much
to do tomorrow—the horror classic
Psycho is sure to keep you up all night, leaving plenty of time to think about next year’s
schedule. Free. Dusk. 

Tuesday, August 7

KARAOKE: If last month’s DC karaoke competition taught you anything, it’s that you have to
step up your game if you want to be a star. Get started Tuesday at Policy with the

karaoke fundraiser for the Congressional Chorus. Get inspired by the winning team of the District Karaoke
league, then take the stage yourself; proceeds from the night will go to establish
youth choral programs. Free. 7 PM.

Wednesday, August 8

MOVIE: Luckily, Screen on the Green isn’t your only outdoor movie option; the
NoMa neighborhood has been screening films for the past four summers. With all this talk
about the “Curiosity” Mars rover, we know you’ve been spending a little more time looking at the heavens.
It’s scary to think what’s up there, especially because it could be a comet like in

Deep Impact. Could have an impact in your disaster preparations, but for now just enjoy the pre-movie
music, games, and food trucks all night. Free. 7 PM.

Thursday, August 9

THEATER: You could have been a rock star or an actor or a traveling juggler or the President—if
the ball only bounced a little differently, right? The
Impossible Theater Company explores what would happen if you were given the chance to change who you are with

[missed connections], a play about the little events that make our lives what they are. Audience participation
is encouraged—you can find out what you’re doing here with a little digging. Tickets
($10) are available online. 7 PM at the Fridge.

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