Inside the Rogue 24 Dinner with Chef Patrick O’Connell

While Patrick O’Connell’s playful style dominated the dining room, with costume-clad staff and fresh vegetables from his garden on the table, the two toques collaborated equally on the menu, each contributing a dozen of the 24 courses Photograph by Dakota Fine

R.J. Cooper goes rogue, Inn at Little Washington style, with O’Connell’s signature dalmatian-print apron, and culinary muses “Adam and Steve” welcome guests at the front entrance. Photograph by Dakota Fine

We’d love to find the goose that lays these golden eggs, filled with creamy yolks, chives, and a crown of Osetra caviar. Photograph by Dakota Fine

Patrick O’Connell achieved godlike heights in platform boots, while a servant of the lord poured wine in a Catholic nun’s habit. Photograph by Dakota Fine

A palate cleanser for the one-percenters: a miniature pedestal of Noble vinegar, over which the sister pipetted the sweet “tears of starving children.”
Photograph by Dakota Fine

Cooper’s crispy tangle of braised and fried oxtail with celery root purée is one of the dishes that’ll be part of the new fall menus at Rogue 24. Photograph by Dakota Fine

O’Connell’s iconic “filet mignon” of rare tuna capped with foie gras, in a three-bite portion of seared loin coated in mustard seeds with frozen foie shavings. Photograph by Dakota Fine

Compressed watermelon masquerades as meat, as the flesh is cooked sous-vide and the sweet flavors condense.
Photograph by Dakota Fine

Blistered shishito peppers, a simple staple on the menu at Estadio and Boqueria, get kicked up a notch on a salt bed flecked with anise and cinnamon, with a side of creamy olive sauce for dipping. Photograph by Dakota Fine

Giant tweezers are a favorite Rogue tool both in and out of the kitchen. Here they’re used to prong medai sashimi with peppers. Photograph by Dakota Fine

O’Connell riffs on his famous Inn amuse bouche, mini potato chips with caviar, by filling crispy potato rolls with ham mousse and onion cream cheese. Photograph by Dakota Fine

In the tradition of multi-course Japanese kaiseki, a light soup arrives toward the end of the progression with buttery pan-seared sable fish alongside a tiny pork dumpling Photograph by Dakota Fine

The nun entertains a table starting their evening with cheftender Bryan Tetorakis’s version of an Aviation cocktail, featuring navy-strength gin and a maraschino sphere. Photograph by Dakota Fine

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