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Great Hair 2012: Where to Get a Blow Out in Washington

Salon blow-drying is becoming a morning routine for more women. Here are four places with smooth moves.

Drybar—a blow-dry-only salon founded by Alli Webb—is coming to Washington. Photograph courtesy of Drybar.

Let’s face it, women are busy. Many don’t have time to curl,
flatiron, or style their hair every day. Those with very thick or curly
hair can’t always spend 45 minutes or more under a hot hair dryer,
smoothing and pulling out the kinks—and frying hair to split-end

Enter the era of the professional blowout, a
try-it-once-and-you’ll-be-hooked luxury that’s becoming less uncommon—and
less of a luxury.

“Women in Washington have so much going on that it makes sense
to come in, sit for half an hour or so, have a nice blow-dry, and go on
with the day,” says Ismail Tekin, a stylist at George at the Four Seasons
Salon. “We’re seeing a lot of clients coming in once, twice, sometimes
three or more times a week, just for a wash and blow-dry.”

Here are four places known for blowout perfection. For more
suggestions, see the salon list starting on page 102.

Fast and Cheap
Salon Bella. If it’s fast you want, ask for
Kenan Kucuk at this Tysons Corner salon. Kucuk’s fans say that no matter
the hair length, he works quickly, usually finishing a no-fuss/no-muss
blowout in 20 minutes or less. Cost: $40 and up. 1880 Howard Ave.,
Vienna; 703-288-5500.

Night on the Town

Luigi Parasmo Salon. Parasmo takes his
blowouts a step further—add about 60 minutes to your time in his chair and
you can walk out with what he calls the Jessica Rabbit. With a few pin
curls, a quick set, and a lot of spray and hand-sculpting, Parasmo can
give clients a close-to-perfect take on a Veronica Lake-inspired,
Hollywood-glam blowout ideal for a special occasion. Ours lasted all
night, and the next day we liked how the curls loosened into gentle waves.
Cost: $100. 1510 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-333-2244.

Molécule Salon. Women with thick, super-curly
locks might want to check out the blow-drying skills of Celina Ponce.
Clients say she can tame even the coarsest, most unruly hair, a texture
that tends to shorten the life of a sleek blowout. Not so here. One
devotee says Ponce’s blowouts take her through an entire week without a
frizz or a kink. Cost: $50 and up. 1800 M St., NW;

Blowing Over the Horizon
Drybar. A promising newcomer to the area, this
insanely popular chain, with outposts from Beverly Hills to Manhattan, has
made blowouts hip in a Sex and the City kind of way. You can opt for one
of five styles, from sleek and straight to bouncy with loose curls. Bonus:
Blowouts are quick and a flat $40. Scheduled to open in mid-September.
1825 Wisconsin Ave., NW, 202-609-4277; 4840 Bethesda Ave.,
Bethesda, 240-483-4277.

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