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How Much is a House in Georgetown?

Find out how far your money will go in Georgetown.

Handsome Federal and Victorian rowhouses, many from the 18th century, line the streets of Georgetown. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Georgetown has long been one of Washington’s most expensive
neighborhoods. Tom Anderson, president of Washington Fine Properties, says
the reason is simple: “It’s historic and it’s finite—it can’t be

In 2011, Georgetown ranked as the eighth-most expensive Zip
code in the region, with a median sales price of $770,000. Most of the
neighborhoods that beat it out are suburban areas where the homes are much
larger. According to the real-estate brokerage Redfin, the median price
per square foot in Georgetown over the past two years was $669; in Great
Falls it was $282 and in Potomac $303.

How far does your money go in Georgetown? In July, a
two-bedroom, 2½-bath Federal-style home on P Street, built in 1900 but
with a recently renovated kitchen, sold for $1.02 million. In May, a
five-bedroom, 5½-bath Victorian on 31st Street sold for $4.6

Parking spots are often not included and typically sell for
$25,000 to $75,000, although tax records show they’ve gone for more than

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