What the Nats Eat for Breakfast

Gio Gonzalez, starting pitcher

“Up at ten AM and ready to take on the world. Breakfast can be pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage links, bacon, or if I’ve been good, my mom’s French toast. She makes the best EVER.” Photograph courtesy of Patrick McDermott/Getty Images.

Adam LaRoche, first baseman

“At home, my wife makes a mean breakfast casserole with eggs and whatever happens to be in the fridge. I eat at whatever time the kids jump on me. On the road, I have three eggs poached on an English muffin. Home is better.” Photograph courtesy of Nathan Bolster/Getty Images.

Stephen Strasburg, starting pitcher

“Its fruit and eggs, eggs and fruit. My wife makes terrific scrambled eggs with onions, asparagus or red peppers and pepper jack cheese. Fruit is usually watermelon or bananas. On the road I like huevos rancheros and a mixed melon bowl.” Photograph coutresy of Mitchell Layton/Getty Images.

Ross Detwiler, starting pitcher

“Breakfast depends on what city I’m in. Usually Starbucks is involved, or a New York bagel and cream cheese. I eat when I wake up, usually between nine and ten AM, unless we went to extra innings the night before. Then the alarm gets the sinker across the room.” Photograph courtesy of Jesse Garrabrant/Getty Images.

Mike Rizzo, executive vice president and general manager

“At home, it’s an egg-white omelet with spinach and broccoli. On the road, it’s generally two hard boiled eggs and a banana. And always coffee with milk (plain old regular coffee).” Photograph courtesy of the Washington Post/Getty Images.

Davey Johnson, manager

Breakfast of champions: a bagel with cream cheese AND butter! I also like eggs Benedict and bacon or, if someone is watching, Raisin Bran and fruit (and a ton of sugar when they’re not watching). Always two cups of coffee with cream, one packet of Sweet’N Low, and one packet of Splenda (perfected over many years), followed by lots and lots of water. And a couple of oatmeal-raisin cookies.” Photograph courtesy of Marc Serota/Getty Images.

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