Washington Cooks Through Sandy

Perfect comfort food: chicken vegetable soup from Twitter user Son Tran (@sont).

Best Bites’s own Anna Spiegel (@annaspiegs) cooked up this braised beef and sausage chili with meats from Smucker Farms.

The Cupcake Pimp (@CupcakePimpDC) whipped up these chocolate chunk cookies. “Baked while the power is still on!”

Crafty Kristin Tracz (@kristintracz) made this mushroom pizza on her stovetop.

“Homemade applesauce and homemade chocolate chip cookies” crafted by Natalie Wasserman (@natwass) in DC.

Kate Beaulieu (@katedbeaulieu) weathered the storm with crockpot chicken teriyaki.

Not everyone cooked their way through Monday evening. Jeff Wallingford emailed us this photo of “ancho-braised short ribs at Taqueria el Poblano on Columbia Pike.”

“Cooking tri-tips by flashlight!” reported Jeff H (@schmeff). “Power went out in the middle of cooking them!”

itscompliKATEd (@itscompliKATEd) calls this “hurricane bread.” Looks delicious.

Sweet and boozy: Shauna (@essbreezy) baked this bread pudding with rum cherries.

Cookies and wine? Wish we’d weathered the storm with Courtney Hsieh (@courtney_hsieh), who made these sweet treats with chocolate chips, oatmeal, and walnuts.

A frittata with asparagus and goat cheese is “a good way to use up eggs in the face of possible power outages,” advises Alyse kraus (@alysekraus).

Okay, now we’re impressed. Alexandria denizen Poe (@thepoelog) cooked up “Sandy” crab pot pies.

Vigor Fit&Well (@JoKracke) made this seafood stew and a lovely loaf of country bread on Monday.

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