Opening Night for the Ideas Forum

The Daily Show’s co-creator Lizz Winstead, being interviewed by Margaret Carlson. “We decided, ‘Let’s have comedians who act and look like correspondents,’” Winstead said of the faux news show. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Radio host Scott Simon listens as comedian and talk-show veteran Dick Cavett recalls his great affection for Groucho Marx. Photograph by Ben Droz.

See? Hill people can get along. Democratic congressman Steve Cohen in a friendly conversation with Republican senator Bob Corker; both are from Tennessee. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Atlantic Media’s David Bradley, who, with his wife Katherine, hosted the dinner party at their home on the eve of the two-day Washington Ideas Forum at the Newseum hosted by Atlantic Media and the Aspen Institute. Photograph by Ben Droz.

The evening’s organizer, Elizabeth Keffer of Atlantic Media. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Heather Podesta and lawyer Robert Barnett. Photograph by Ben Droz.

The man who wears many hats, John Fox Sullivan. He is publisher at large of Atlantic Media and the mayor of Little Washington, Virginia. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Katherine Bradley. She helped her husband build Atlantic Media from an idea into a major publishing and event powerhouse. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Mark Wietecha of the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Democratic senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. Photograph by Ben Droz.

Steve Clemons of Atlantic Media shows off a photo of himself with rock star Bono, who was in Washington (but not at the Bradley party). Photograph by Ben Droz.

Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, the home state of comedian Lizz Winstead, who did a Q&A during the dinner. Photograph by Ben Droz.

David Bradley of Atantic Media (foreground) and Walter Isaacson of the Aspen Institute (background) are the cofounders of the Washington Ideas Forum. Photograph by Ben Droz.

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