Food Lover’s Gift Guide: Boyfriend or Girlfriend Gifts

Your date loves Scotch, but it’s too soon to spring for a pricey single malt. Hit the middle ground with cooling stones that’ll keep their favorite drink from turning to whisky water. $20 for a set of nine from Sur La Table.

Send a semi-subtle hint you’re ready to heat things up further with delicious, locally made hot sauces that are great on everything from eggs to steak. $15 for a set of two from Uncle Brutha.

Regionally themed chocolate bars are more personal than a box of chocolates—hey, you remember where they grew up—but less intimate than chocolate underwear (which is a thing). $7.50 per bar from Fleurir Chocolates.

Let’s have drinks . . . at your place. Stylish painted glass coasters complement any table. $40 from the Hour.

Pricey designer wallet? First anniversary. Bacon wallet? Anytime beyond the first date. $14 from Chocolate Moose.

A monogrammed flask requires being on a middle-name-knowing basis. Equally cool but more casual is one with local pride. $19 at Pulp.

Sweet for your sweet. Langdon Wood’s locally made maple syrup is aged in whiskey barrels from nearby distillery Catoctin Creek. $25 from Langdon Wood.

A relish jar candle for lighting the table (or bedroom) of that special, rustic-chic someone. $24 from the Proper Topper.

Don’t know if they already have every Italian cookbook under the sun? Chances are they don’t have the newly released Hungover Cookbook, convenient for a range of skills. $8 from Amazon.

If your romantic interest likes making cocktails, give him or her one of the tastiest garnishes imaginable: sweet cocktail cherries that put the neon-red bar fruit to shame. $20 for a 12-ounce jar from Bell Wine & Spirits.

Save the big, pricey espresso machine for later in the relationship. Bialetti’s stovetop espresso maker works wonderfully, and isn’t daunting in price (or meaning). $40 from Williams-Sonoma or multiple area locations.

You’ve been out to dinner plenty. Make it a special occasion—but not a too-formal one—and snag two hard-to-get reservations for a small group dinner at the semi-underground supper club Chez Le Commis from Tom Madrecki. $50 per person through Chez Le Commis’s website.

Don’t know if your new squeeze’s taste in glassware leans modern or classic? Get out of the dilemma with novelty Mason jar wine glasses, fitting for any collection. $18 per glass for two or more from WineEnthusiast.

If your special friend like entertaining, chances are they’ll love a stylish slate cheeseboard from the MoMa store that comes with chalk for labeling. Big plus: It’s dishwasher safe. $30 from MoMA Store.

You’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch (or in bed) during date-night-in movies. Keep up the tradition with fresh kernels and a seasoning sampler. $10 from Urban Accents.

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