Ultimate Etsy Gift Guide

Roxy Marj Spotted Soft Envelope, $32 at Roma Winkel.

Customizable secret message locket, $20.00 by Heartworks by Lori.

Macaron calendar-tea towel, $18.00 by Piccola Casa.

Rustic herb garden markers (set of 7), $25.00 by Lazy Lightning Art.

One-gallon beer brewing kit, $115.00 by Urban Brewery.

His & Hers “good morning” coffee mugs, $35.00 by Love Toast Shop.

Custom letter gold filled bracelet, $35 by JL by Janet Leigh.

Crystal wine glasses, $20.00 by The Little Gypsy Bride.

Helvetica “hi” baby blanket, $65 at Yarning Made.

Rabbit family, $150 at Timo Handmade.

Workhorse linen bag with leather trim, $195 at Missibaba.

“Top Knot 16” giclee print, $20 by Elizabeth Mayville.

Striped Sleeper print, $45 at Tastes Orangey.

Small ceramic bowls, $27 for 4 by Viruset.

Cable cord organizers, $2.50 each by Oliday.

Whale tissue holder, $39.99 by Shop Sparkly Pony.

Clutch and kindle case, $52 each by MATINE Shop.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish print, $24.79 by Rock the CustardPrints.

Leopard calf hair pouch, $89 by Linmade.

Wine Anatomy print, $45 by Anek.

Leather backpack, $150 by Studio731.

Two letters custom initial chain, $48 by SD Marie Jewelry.


Basil Herb poster print, $85 by Anek.

Weather forecast studs, $76.03 by Huiyitan.

Leather mini fold clutch in tan ostrich, $55 by Marketa New York Shop.

The Butler, $170 by Micklish.

Set of three handprinted tea towels, $79.19 by Room for Emptiness.

Painted antler, $98 by Made By Cassandra Smith.

Neon pendant necklace, $34 at Boo and Boo Factory.

Tibet Horn necklace, $50 by Brianne Cossette.

Maya Gencic ceramic coasters, $25 for 4 by Maya Gencic.

Pinch Squeeze frame coin purse, $34.99 by Blank Craft.

Gold bar stud earrings, $45 by Hook and Matter.

Leather bow keychain, $16.86 each by KSIA.

Geometric leather cosmetic case, $67 by Larakazis.

Vintage cigar lighter, $40 by Cast & Crew.

Geomtric tent, $300 by Such Great Heights.

Antelope storage container, $44 by Ania and Rose.

Polka dot tree ornaments, $16.53 for a set of three by Beledien Handmade.

Cushion cover, $36.51 by Hello Milky.

Christmas Story pencil set, $8 by The Carbon Crusader. (Come in many more movies, TV shows, and phrases).

Painted feather necklace, $30 by Dear June Shop.

Chunky infinity scarf, $72 by Weekends Design.

Ochre felt camper, $315 by Sketchbook.

Serving tray, $37.61 by Asleep from Day.

Chalkboard planter, $24 by Ross Day.

Glitter triangle stickers, $6 for 24 by Inkit.

Lavender satchets (chooe from a variety of patterns), $27 for a set of three by Gardenmis.

Neon bowls, $180 for set of four by Nicole Porter.

Popcorn spice kit (choose 12 flavors from options such as Key Lime Pie, Vietnamese Cinnamon, pizza, pumpkin pie, gingerbread, dill pickle, and more), $39.95 by Dell Coves Spices.


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