Adam Richman Cries, Chefs Rate Critics, Whiskey Restores Vision: Eating & Reading

Our tasty guide to the best stuff we’re reading this week.
The lobsters are eating each other. Photograph courtesy of shutterstock.

Apocalypse Now

Yet another the climate-is-going-to-hell piece, this time about Vietnamese bee farmers who are being forced to change their time-honored practices. [Mail & Guardian] —Todd Kliman

This sounds like a horror movie but isn’t: Hungry Maine lobsters are turning to cannibalism and eating each other. [NPR] —Sophie Gilbert

Walmart gorges on the American food system: an infographic. [Grist] —Jessica Voelker

Oh, and hey, more Starbucks! A lot more Starbucks. [USA Today] —JV

Booze You Can Use

In case you needed further proof that bourbon > vodka, read the story of a New Zealand man who went blind and regained his eyesight with the help of a bottle of Johnnie Black. [Gawker] —Tanya Pai

Critical Reads

You often hear the critics’ take on the chef, but what about the other way around? The Daily Meal releases a chef-rated scorecard of well-known critics, and DC has names on both the very top and the bottom. [The Daily Meal] —Anna Spiegel

Pete Wells answers questions from New York Times readers, including several who wanted to know more about his scathing review of Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. “And I thought I had a lot of questions about Guy Fieri,” Wells deadpans. “The place was confounding on so many levels that I knew I had to write about it.” [NYT] —SG

Season’s Eatings

Food-themed holiday gift guides abound—including some excellent ones of our own making—but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Ruth Reichl’s thoughtful, one-idea-a-day approach is a nice break from the mega-slideshows. [Ruth Reichl: Journal] —AL

Smart Diet

The omega-3s found in fish are of enormous benefit to you; fish oil supplements, however, are not that valuable: [The Guardian] —TK

Consuming Politics

I would love to get my hands on a bottle of Leninade, a pinkish liquid in a bottle with a hammer and sickle. Would love to drink it while out somewhere wearing my New Deal Cafe T-shirt—whose Art Deco frieze of workers working was so unsettling to a patron of a cafe a couple of years ago she took to lecturing me about Obama and socialism. [HuffPo]—TK

Wine of the Times

In DC, vandals throw stones at Metrobuses. In Italy, they drain vats of vintage Brunello di Montalcino. America exceptionalism, everybody! [Diner’s Journal] —SG

Food as Art

A chef and a photographer have taken it upon themselves to recreate Rothko masterpieces with rice. And in my professional opinion at least, the resulting works look more like Battenburg cake than oil masterpieces. [NPR]—SG

Proving it’s better than okay to play with your food: Charles Phoenix’s “meativity” scene. [Laughing Squid]—TP

Culinary Collections

Jason Liebig sounds like the subject of a TLC show: His Queens apartment holds a meticulously kept collection of over 10,000 candy wrappers. [Narratively]—AL

As obsessed as I am with Bon Appetit’s burger-friendly “special sauce”—I throw together a batch almost every week—I’m thinking this adaptation of the spicy, cherry-pepper-based sauce served at Torrisi and Parm in New York would be another worthy addition to the homemade condiment arsenal. [Food52]—AL

Food for Thought

For word nerds: The Atlantic explores the origins of the word “groggy.” [The Atlantic]—TP

A thoughtful musing on the deconstructed dinner. [Financial Times]—TK

Food companies were responsible for more than half of Business Insider’s list of 2012’s biggest PR disasters. [Business Insider]—TP


In honor of Tuesday’s National Cookie Day, a few of the most, er, creative cookie ads from around the world. [BuzzFeed]—TP

Man vs. Food star Adam Richman is finally reduced to tears—not by a three-ton pile of extra-spicy tacos he has to ingest in less than five seconds, but by Tottenham Hotspurs’ soccer stadium. To which we say: Really? [USA Today] —SG

The Onion shows you how to make simple, gluten-free pancakes. [The Onion]—TK

Now you don’t have to hang out at Pizza Hut for a few hours to smell like you’ve been hanging out at Pizza Hut for a few hours. Eater National has the lowdown on the chain’s new pie-sce
nted cologne. [Eater National] —AS

And because it’s Thursday: “Before you write copy for the Williams-Sonoma No Spill Gravy Separator . . . you must become it. [McSweeney’s] —AS

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