Food Lover’s Gift Guide: Ultimate Foodie Gifts

Pictures skiing in Aspen and summering in Monaco don’t do enough to say “jet-setter.” More bling: a wet bar modeled from a vintage-style steamer trunk by Starbay. $4,268 from South Beach Linens.

For the gentleman farmer and his lucky chicks: a custom-built backyard cedar chicken coop makes for the freshest of eggs. $1,299.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

It’s no problem taking the first-class Acela up to nearby Philadelphia for a $26,000 dinner at Italian restaurant Le Castagne. The deal includes five truffle-laden courses, wine pairings, and a limited-edition Panorai watch. Call 215-751-9913 for reservations. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

A grand for a tasting menu? No big deal. A grand for ice cream? Now that’s rich. The $1,000 sundae from Georgetown’s Serendipity 3 is among the most overpriced dishes in Washington—but that’s the point.

You don’t choose this present, it chooses you. An application is required for Australian winery Penfolds’s “ampoule,” a rare cab ensconced in a handblown glass vessel. The cost: $168,000 AUD, or roughly $176,249 American dollars from Penfolds.

Chefs and bartenders love top-of-the-line Zumex juicers, and this home-friendly size can process 13 oranges per minute for quick, fresh juice. $2,900 at Cuda Kitchen.

Toques rave about Japanese knife purveyor Korin. You can find affordable blades, but for something over the top, a limited-edition Suisin Ao-Ko Mizu Honyaki mirror-finish knife with ebony handle should do the trick. $7,250 from Korin.

The top of the line from Destination Cellars’ José Andrés collection: two bottles of premium Spanish wine, a cookbook, and the same Sami Hayek-designed glass shoe serving piece found at Jaleo Penn Quarter. $950 from Destination Cellars. Photograph by Jeff Martin.

New York caviar house Petrossian offers some of the most luxe fish eggs around. Four ounces starts off at $1,523, but if a small tin feels a little minimalist, you can pair it with a Steuben caviar “presentoir” for an extra $2,400. From Petrossian.

If your giftee is a regular at the temples of molecular gastronomy, he or she will flip for the Swiss-made PacoJet, favored by the likes of René Redzepi. The device “micro-purées” frozen sweet and savory ingredients, creating smooth ice creams and cold sauces. $3,998 from Advanced Gourmet Store.

A perfect gift for the wealthy retiree who enjoys fishing and cooking: a gorgeous stainless steel poacher from Alessi. $1,550 from

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