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Secrets to Looking Young: Have They Had Plastic Surgery?

Two plastic surgeons weigh in on famous Washingtonians.

In a city where image is increasingly important, using surgery and injectables to try to turn back the clock is becoming more common. We asked Tina Alster, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery,and Ellen Gendler, associate professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center, to weigh in, judging from photographs, about whether they think these Washingtonians have had work done.

Photograph by Tina Fultz/Newscom.

Andrea Mitchell / Age 66

NBC news correspondent

“She clearly has had Botox because her forehead is smooth and she has the arched brows of a young woman,” Gendler says. “She probably has had it around her crow’s-feet as well. There’s probably a bit of filler in her cheeks. She appears to have had a facelift, based on the location of her earlobes, and probably an eyelid lift, which looks great.”

Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Catherine Reynolds / Age 55


“She looks like she’s had Botox in her forehead and her crow’s-feet, as neither area is moving,” Gendler says. “It looks like she’s had filler or implants in her cheeks and a blepharoplasty with removal of the fat under her eyes—they look hollow underneath. She’s had resurfacing laser on her face—it looks spot-free. Or she has wonderful makeup on.”

Photograph by Brock Miller/Newscom.

Chris Matthews / Age 66

Anchor and political commentator

“He’s probably had a blepharoplasty, as there’s a faint red line under both lower lids,” Gendler says. “He’s had Botox in his upper crow’s-feet. You can see that the lower crow’s-feet still are very active. He’s most likely had Botox in his glabella—the area between his eyebrows—though it looks natural.”

Photograph by Ron Sachs/Newscom.

Jim Kimsey / Age 73

AOL cofounder and philanthropist

“He’s had quite a bit of work,” Alster says. “He has no doubt had face- and eye-lifting procedures and likely also undergone filler and toxin injections, given the fullness of his cheeks and unfurrowed brow. He would benefit from laser treatments to improve his skin tone and texture.”

Photograph by Kris Connor/Getty Images.

Katty Kay / Age 48

BBC News correspondent

“She’s an attractive woman who looks refreshed by likely having Botox or Dysport around her eyes and brow as well as hyaluronic-acid-filler injections in her nasolabial folds and mouth corners,” Alster says. “Either her toxin injections are providing a lifted appearance to her eyes or she’s had a subtle eye lift. It’s sometimes hard to tell.”

Photograph by Emiley Schweich/Newscom.

Mary Bono Mack / Age 51


“She’s naturally attractive, so anything she has had done is simply maintenance,” says Alster. “Any woman over 40 who looks this good has had either filler and/or neurotoxin injections. Her skin is in great shape—a good topical regimen as well as chemical peels or laser treatments would keep it that way.”

Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Mary Matalin / Age 59

Republican political consultant

“She has definitely undergone some cosmetic surgical procedures—likely a face and/or eye lift,” says Alster. “Her skin is in better shape than I’ve seen in the past, so she probably also has had laser or chemical treatments as well as toxin/filler injections.”

Photograph by Desiree Navarro/Getty Images.

Patrick O’Connell / Age 67

Chef/owner, the Inn at Little Washington

“The only obvious thing is his dental work—it looks like he has large veneers or caps,” says Gendler. “He might have had some Botox because his brows have an arch not typical in men. He does have a slight lid ptosis [drooping] on his left side, so he’d better be careful getting Botox.”

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