The Enviable Wardrobe of “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope

Pope’s wardrobe is packed with designs from one of the suit’s pioneers, Giorgio Armani, whose first-ever collection in 1975 was devoted entirely to structured menswear. Here, Olivia wears a military-style Armani jacket. That lavender coat she’s holding? Gucci. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

Here’s the elegant vintage Jean Fares couture gown Olivia wore to the almost-party for Fitz’s 50th birthday—just before he was shot. Her sleek hairstyle was the perfect pairing for the detailed dress. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

This Valentino piece is not just our favorite item of Olivia’s; it’s hers, as well: On her personal website, Kerry Washington wrote that the clean-cut pleated jacket was specifically set aside for the first season’s powerful finale because it was “so special.” Photograph courtesy of ABC.

Equally popular in the real world, peplum tops are a huge part of Olivia’s wardrobe. The girly silhouette and camel hue of this Armani coat put an ultra-chic twist on the standard wool peacoat. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

This one’s for the accessories: the sleek Movado watch Olivia is almost always wearing, and her Prada tote, which she switches out with a darker one of the same brand. The silk blouse is no slouch, either. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

This white Tory Burch coat with gold-accented buttons has popped up a lot this season—and is totally appropriate for Washington winters. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

This gray coat with extra-wide lapels has (deservedly) received a lot of attention, and looks both elegant and comfy. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

Paolo aims to select jewelry for Olivia that “embellishes the costume, but also disappears”—like this long strand necklace, one of the character’s simple-yet-effective signature pieces. Photograph courtesy of ABC.

This scene was a flashback to Olivia’s earlier days as a White House press aide, when she wore more blacks, whites, and grays—perhaps providing contrast to the new person that blossomed when she became her own boss. In any case, we love this Michael Kors dress for its lace detail—no accessories necessary. Photograph courtesy of ABC.


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