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When Not to Wear Jeans

An etiquette expert weighs in

When is this look ok? Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

With people now wearing jeans more often to social occasions,
we wondered: When are they not appropriate? So we asked Daniel Post
Senning, an author and spokesperson at the Emily Post Institute. (Manners
authority Emily Post was his great-great-grandmother.)

“This is a harder question than it used to be,” says Senning,
who cites the uptick in “fancy” jeans and high heels as blurring the line
on what’s acceptable. “Once upon a time, jeans would never be right for
evening—or ever in the workplace. I would even be cautious in a
business-casual situation, although clean, pressed, dark-wash jeans could
work in a creative work environment.”

Senning’s list of places not to wear jeans:

The office (unless permission is granted by

A country club or golf course

A house of worship

A wedding

Anything “formal” or “cocktail attire”

International business flights

A job interview

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