Best Easter Idea Ever: Drunken Peeps

Cork Market takes an adult approach to the iconic candy.

These guys are totally wasted. Photograph courtesy of Peeps.

As the Washington Post’s diorama contest reminds us each year, there are so many things you can do with Peeps. It is a principle also recently proven on Epicurious, when the site reenacted the second season of Girls using the spongey-sweet treats. Local food truck Sweetbites created quite a stir on Wednesday when it sold cupcakes incorporating the Easter icons.

But this may be our favorite Peep development yet: Through the weekend, Cork Market is selling its own version of the puffy chick- and bunny-shaped candies—a version that involves booze. To craft these big-kid confections, Cork co-owner Diane Gross says chef Kristin Hutter is making spirit-imbued simple syrups and incorporating them into the marshmallow-based recipe. St. Germain and port are among the flavors that will be on offer at least through this weekend, but the chef is experimenting with other alcoholic options, too. The Peeps will be sold individually, price to be determined. If they do well, Gross says the market may continue to stock drunken Peeps on other occasions.

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