Taqueria Nacional and Chupacabra

Start the meal at Chupacabra with guacamole and salsas or freshly poached shrimp cocktail in gazpacho sauce infused with fresh mango juice. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Most of the menu at Chupacabra is customizable, but there’s no changing a classic Cuban with ham, herb-roasted pork, Swiss, pickles, and yellow mustard. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Chupacabra’s “Mexican gyro” makes a great post-bar snack. It’s tacos al pastor filled with pineapple-marinated pork shaved from a rotating spit behind the counter. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Tacos can be light at Chupacabra, so heartier appetites can opt for a bowl filled with cilantro-corn rice, beans, and two toppings, such as slow-braised beef and jerk-seasoned fish. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Taqueria Nacional offers toppings for classic corn tortillas like grilled steak, slow-cooked lamb, and eggs with green chilies. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

After ordering at the counter to the right, grab a seat at one of Taqueria Nacional’s funky tables or belly up to the bar for closer access to frozen margaritas.
Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Crispy haddock tacos at Taqueria Nacional come topped with cabbage, crema, and pico de gallo, and are best taken down with agua fresca (spiked or virgin). Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

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