To the Poll: Which Chef or Bartender Will Lose the Most Weight?

Meet the 15 Washington competitors planning to shed pounds for charity.
Which chefs and bartenders will slim down the most? Image via Shutterstock.

Chefs and bartenders aren’t always known for their healthy lifestyles, but that’s about to change for the 15 toques and mixologists vying to shed the most pounds for the American Cancer Society’s Fit for Hope challenge. The 12-week weight-loss challenge is meant to raise awareness about the connection between cancer and obesity, poor diet, and lack of exercise; roughly one-third of cancer fatalities in the United States have been associated with those factors. The three competitors who lose the largest percentage of bodyweight get a Bloomingdale’s makeover at the Taste of Hope gala on September 24. So who’ll get the swank new duds? To the poll!

UPDATE: We received word Tuesday that celebrity chef Art “I Love Speedos” Smith (of Art and Soul) joined the race this afternoon as the 16th competitor. Think he’ll win? Let us know in the comments!

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