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A Wee Rooftop Party for a Few Friends of the Washington Ballet (Photos)

The party was held at the Capella hotel in Georgetown.

A party with a pool—though not quite a pool party—on the Capella rooftop on behalf of the Washington Ballet. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

It’s summer. Life gets lazier. Add to that a sense that we’re crawling out of the
Great Recession. But are those reasons for Washington’s large corps of development
specialists to take a break? The rich may take vacations, but the business of raising
money for nonprofits and the arts is day in and day out. So why not take advantage
of the season—with, for example, a party on a glamorous rooftop?

The Washington Ballet, whose last big event was the
festive and sensational Hemingway
in Paris Ball
at the Library of Congress in April, went smaller on Monday evening with a party
for 40 on the rooftop of the Capella hotel to woo and
appreciate some of the ballet’s
wealthiest supporters. The hosts were artistic director
Septime Webre and members of the ballet’s women’s committee. The invitation read: “We’re having
a wee rooftop bash to celebrate next season’s ‘British Invasion’ program. It’s a small
gathering for a few friends.” Guests were asked to “pop by.” Beatles and Rolling Stones
music played in the background as cocktails and canapés were served.

We have no idea how many potential guests were lost to another British invasion underway
in the city at the same time—the actual Rolling Stones, in concert at the Verizon
Center. But they will be back in spirit when the “British Invasion” premieres in March
of 2014. One of the ballets, Trey McIntyre’s
A Day in the Life, is staged to music by the Beatles. The other, Christopher Bruce’s rock ballet
Rooster, is choreographed to the Rolling Stones. 

What was discussed on the breezy rooftop with views of the city in every direction?
The views, of course. But also what to do for the next gala—which celebrates jazz—and
how to match or exceed the Hemingway Ball? Problems for a summer evening. They’ll
figure it out.