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Wedding Bells This Weekend for Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat

The wedding is in Denver; the bachelor party was in Las Vegas.

Photograph via Instagram user @mofletch112.

Redskins quarterback
Robert Griffin III has made clear that he considers his upcoming wedding to
Rebecca Liddicoat to be “her day.” He said he won’t let even football “take that away from my fiancée.”
Still, when he shows up in Las Vegas for his bachelor party, invariably eagle-eyed
fans are going to make it about him. Social media lit up on Saturday with sightings
of Griffin with teammates
DeAngelo Hall,
Josh Morgan, and
London Fletcher at two nightclubs, Haze at Aria and Surrender. What got attention? His socks.

One fan wrote, “The award for best socks in the casino goes to @RGIII. And possibly
the best socks in Vegas right now.”
A photo on Instagram showed him in a green T-shirt and white shorts, wearing colorful
socks and white shoes. He’s with a group of women (no, not showgirls), and under the
photo is the notation “ummm RGIII.” Another tweeter
posted a photo of him, perhaps poolside, because he is shirtless and in shorts or
a bathing suit. He is talking to a woman in a bikini. The poster wrote, “Lol da gawd.”
Another tweeted, “Poppin bottles at Surrender in Vegas with @RGIII.”

Various news reports of the bachelor party have contained few details, except that
RG3 appeared not to be drinking alcohol. He was, however, up in the deejay booth,
requesting his own hip-hop playlist. All in all, the accounts paint a picture of about
as squeaky clean a bachelor party as can be held in Las Vegas by a group of NFL players.

Details about the wedding are equally hard to come by, except that it is Saturday
in Denver. DC rapper
Wale and Griffin, on a radio show, both said that Wale would be performing at the wedding.
“I’m gonna be at the wedding, though. I’ma be there,” said Wale. “Me and Griff gonna
perform at that wedding.”

Generous fans deluged the couple with gifts from their registry. In mid-May, Griffin
tweeted, “Thank you to Fans who are helping buy ALL the items from our wedding registry
at Bed Bath & Beyond.” They will have the space for the loot at their new $2.5 million,
9,000-square-foot home at Creighton Farms in Aldie, Virginia.

The wedding is in Denver because nearby Boulder is Liddicoat’s hometown, but there
have been rumors that the nuptials will be held at the lavish Denver home of Redskins
Mike Shanahan, who previously coached the Broncos. We’ve asked the Redskins whether team owner

Dan Snyder will be at the wedding. “Ask me on Saturday,” was the reply from spokesman
Tony Wyllie. Either way, the Denver airport should see some interesting arrivals as of Friday.
All we know about the honeymoon is that Griffin said he planned to continue his post-knee-surgery

Let’s hope that doesn’t mean they are just cozying up at the new Redskins camp in