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WashingTelevision: Watch the Official “Homeland” Season 3 Trailer

Brody’s bald, Carrie’s crying, Saul’s sworn in, and more.

We’re still more than a month away from the season three premiere of
Homeland, but Showtime has unleashed the official trailer for the upcoming season, teasing
us with all manner of plot lines and possibilities. The trailer also makes some serious
assumptions that you’ve seen the first two seasons, based on some of the clips shown,
so don’t watch if you aren’t fully caught up.

Among our takeaways:

• After the way season two kinda fizzled out for us, we would have been happy if Brody
just kept on walking and got mauled by a bear offscreen.

• The heart of
Homeland is the Carrie-Saul relationship, always will be. And after constantly apologizing
for her poor decision-making skills last season, Saul apparently has things to apologize
to her for. But never for the beard. Not ever.

• The last images of Dana and the prayer rug. Yeah, we’re not buying it. After all
the lies she was fed by her father, we don’t see her turning down that path. 

• Quinn, while a fool for not shooting Brody during his 11,000 previous opportunities
to do so, looks like he’s remembered how to pull a trigger. Good for him. Maybe the
11,001st time’s the charm.

• Poor Chris—he still has no lines. Then again, no one else really talks in the trailer,
either. Still, we have little hope for our beloved Wizards fan.

• No sign of Mike Faber. No one weeps for this.

• Bigger travesty: No sign of Virgil. There will be pitchforks and torches if Virgil
isn’t around this season.

• Apparently Congress now holds hearings in rooms the size of basketball arenas. Whatever
works for you, Hollywood.