How to Avoid Taking an Annoying #Healthie Photo

Plus: Take our poll on the social media trend.

Taking “healthies,” where famous people post photos of themselves working out, has become the new trend on social media. We think our favorite fitness-friendly Instagram users do it right way.

Hey, foodie Instagrammers, move over. There’s a new hashtag in town, and it’s called the #healthie.

If you’ve never heard of the #healthie before, you’ve definitely seen it. That acquaintance you’re “friends” with on Facebook who posts daily photos of his abs in the mirror? #Healthie. (Also #barf). Jessica Simpson’s Instagram of her feet in Vibram FiveFingers? #Healthie (and #latetothegame).

The social media trend has been making the rounds of various news outlets, and not in a good way. The Daily Mail deemed healthies “oh-so-sickening.” Refinery29 asked whether they were harmful to our self-esteem. The Evening Standard accused celebrities of “shaming” normal folks with their “inherently narcissistic” photos.

Here at Well+Being, we love checking in with our local fitness-saavy folks on Instagram, so much so that back in May we featured our 14 favorite users to follow. And we’ve posted our fair share of photos of various workouts each week, and liked a friend’s Instagram of her 6 AM ten-mile run along the National Mall (because seriously, that’s impressive!). Research even shows that social media is a great tool for weight loss, especially among women. 

But there is an art to posting a legitimate, impressive #healthie. So next time you whip out your phone to take one, here’s some advice from Well+Being to you, with the help of examples from our favorite local Instagrammers.

1) Avoid photos of your bare feet.

A shot of your new sneakers, like Bobby Gill’s? Totally legit. A close-up of your gnarly toes? Ew. Some people are eating breakfast over here!

2) Have a good backdrop.

A photo of you flexing in the mirror is just downright annoying. Peg Mulqueen does it right with her yoga poses with scenic views.

3) For Pete’s sake, put some clothes on.

Yes, we occasionally check Instagram at work, so when you’re basically in the nude and our boss walks by our computer, it makes for an awkward moment. We love Faith Hunter’s sweet yoga getup—and jaw-dropping strength!

4) Mix in some normal photos so we know you’re human.

Because do you really style every single one of your meals before actually eating it? Do as nutritionist Carlene Thomas does and throw in an occasional adorable photo of your cat or something.

We want to know your thoughts on the trend. Take our poll, and feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section.