5 Healthy Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Simple meatless recipes that will please the whole crowd at Thanksgiving.

These five recipes will please vegetarians and omnivores alike at Thanksgiving. Photographs by Ali Eaves, Melissa Romero, Carlene Thomas, and John Wilwol.

Vegetarians may miss out on the main turkey course at Thanksgiving, but everyone knows the side dishes are the best part anyway. Plus many of them are vegetarian-friendly. We rounded up five of our favorite healthy recipes for next week’s big meal that will leave omnivores and vegetarians alike full and satisfied.

1. Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
Make this soup the night before, then serve it on Thanksgiving Day for your guests as they wait for the main course.

2. Brussels Sprouts With Slivered Almonds and Dates
This recipe puts a twist on your average sprouts side dish and adds a good dose of protein and fiber thanks to the nuts and dates.

3. Stuffing-Friendly Thanksgiving Salad
Dietitian Carlene Thomas’s salad contains all the typical flavors of Thanksgiving: sweet potatoes, cranberries, and apples.

4. Pumpkin Pie Shake
When one pumpkin pie isn’t enough to feed your whole table, make mini pumpkin pie shakes instead.

5. Whole-Grain Apple Crisp
Grains, nuts, walnut oil, and, of course, plenty of apples turn your average pie into a guilt-free treat.

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