21 Stylish Snaps from the WeddingWire HQ

Julie Lombard, events manager; Catherine Cano, senior customer satisfaction manager; Alex Merriman, editorial associate.

Sara Metzger, junior marketing designer; Emily Brannon, senior marketing designer; Melissa Brody, marking designer.

Perry Miranda, quality assurance manager; Michael Xia, data architect.

Kamari Guthrie, PR manager.

Megan Doherty, account executive; Brandon Gargan, senior sales associate.

Susan Cunningham, Web development specialist; Timothy Chi, CEO and founder; Elmar Narayan, search marketing manager.

Erica Owoeye, payroll manager.

Simren Dulai, account executive; Brian Mate, associate director of sales.

Crystal Downs, senior design manager; Daniela Shuffler, design lead; Jane Kim, marketing design associate.

Ashley Conway, director of customer success; Julie Murphy, customer success associate; Dave Berman, customer success manager.

Timothy Kovacs, data engineer; Americo Savinon, software engineer.

Kate Sanford, senior manager of quality assurance; Patricia Loureiro, product analyst.

Allison Novak, marketing associate; Jeffra Trumpower, senior marketing manager; Lauren Schwarcz, customer satisfaction representative.

Isabel Patterson, executive assistant; Gigi, Mascot.

Margo Trak, executive director of sales; Alexe Colbus, associate national campaign manager.

Norah Davis, account executive; Michael Wilde, associate director of sales.

Sonny Ganguly, chief marketing officer; Marty Kaufman, vice president of operations holding Andy Ivanovich, director of finance and strategic planning.

Lizzie Baird, associate director of sales; Hunter Smith, account manager.

Michelle Loizeaux, sales operations manager; Alicia Tomil, sales operations associate.

Melissa Bell, office manager; Marie Moore, receptionist.

Sarah Minsky, senior account executive; Victoria Lonce, Regional director of sales; Alix Tydings, account executive.


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