DC Bike Party Hosts “Pride Ride” on June 4

Celebrate Capital Pride Week with a themed ride through the streets of DC.

Show your pride with DC Bike Party on Wednesday. Image via Shutterstock.

This year’s Capital Pride Week kicks off Friday, May 30, with a schedule of events that includes parties, parades, races, drag kickball games, and more. And DC Bike Party is getting in on the fun: On Wednesday, June 4, participants in the first annual Pride Ride will don their best body glitter and neon clothing and celebrate the theme of this year’s Pride Week, “build our bright future.” The approximately seven-mile ride begins in Dupont Circle at 8 PM and includes views of several DC landmarks. Always an entertaining event, this month’s will likely be even more colorful than usual; a press release promises “drag queens in pedicabs and bedazzled bikers,” and the whole thing ends with an after-party at Cobalt. 

A map of the route will be available on DC Bike Party’s website 24 hours before the ride. Bikers can also put their own stamp on the event by adding their favorite tunes to a collaborative playlist that will be played during the ride. More than 300 people have already RSVP’d through Pride Ride’s Facebook page

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