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TV Recap: Homeland Season 4, Episode 3, “Shalwar Kameez”

Sunday’s episode welcomed back a few familiar faces.

Carrie reunites with some old friends in episode three. Photograph by David Bloomer/Showtime.

This week’s episode started off with Carrie sneaking out of the embassy to meet a mystery guest who just landed in Islamabad. This could have gone somewhere very wrong, which is why it was such a relief to see that Fara (Nazanin Boniadi) and Max (Maury Sterling) were on the other end of the phone. It was a nice surprise at the start of a mostly uneventful episode. Here’s where we found Saul, Quinn, and Carrie this week:

Saul Berenson

Overall mood: Cheerful.

Best moment: When Saul showed up unannounced in Islamabad. “Now that I’m here, do you need my help?”

Worst moment: Saul’s only offense this week may be inflating Carrie’s ego even more than she already has herself. Regardless, please stay forever, Saul.

Number of his ex-fiancées who now happen to be ambassadors: One (that we know of).

Peter Quinn

Overall mood: Miserable. Quinn is trapped in the CIA, and he apparently loves Carrie.

Best moment: I actually really enjoyed when Quinn told off Dar Adal. Just let him sulk on his own, everyone.

Worst moment: When Quinn tells Carrie she’s “the hardest person in the world to say no to.” Really, Quinn? I expected more from you.

Number of people who accused him of being in love with Carrie: Three. I was pretty disappointed when Quinn’s landlady (at least give her a first name, writers, come on) said, “Whoever Carrie is, she’s a lucky girl.” WHAT?! Quinn has done nothing other than get drunk by his pool, have drunk sex, beat up strangers, and yell at you since you met him. Get out of there and never look back, landlady.

Carrie Mathison

Overall mood: Self-satisfied. Carrie smile-sighed twice in this week’s episode, meaning she was pleased with the results of her actions, while simultaneously acknowledging how difficult it was to get there.

Best moment: Bringing Fara and Max (people who are actually likable) to Islamabad was genius.

Worst moment: When Carrie meets Aayan in the bathroom. While this was a win for Carrie, the combination of her apologizing for something she did (kill his entire family) as a third party, combined with her attempt to partially seduce him, was just too gross for me to handle.

Number of times Carrie thought about baby Frannie: Zero.

While I’m glad Quinn, Carrie, Fara, and Max will be working together next week, this episode didn’t do much in terms of answering our questions. Who was the man who organized Sandy’s death? Why did he do it? Does Aayan actually know any useful information, or is Carrie going to seduce him in vain?

What were your favorite/least favorite moments from last night’s episode? Share them in the comments.