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April Fools’ Day Tweets From Around Washington

And people say this town isn't funny.

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Even for the Internet, April 1 is notable for the amount of false information available. Companies post fake videos advertising fake products to promote their brands (selfie shoe, anyone?) and celebrities post shocking tweets to rile their loyal fans (singer Sam Smith tweeted he is “straight“).

In DC, many of these pranks have a political theme. But for the politicians who attempted to be funny on Twitter, many of them failed miserably. Because what’s so funny about a politician switching allegiances, Newt?

The pranks that gained the most attention were funny, cute, clever, and not cruel. Good examples: The National Air and Space Museum had fun tricking Twitter followers and museumgoers with the promise of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet exhibit. The National Zoo’s sloth cam captured all the excitement you’d expect.

Here’s a roundup of today’s best April Fools’ tweets from the DMV.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This tweet had followers responding “I can’t see it!”

Monica Lewinsky

Hey, Monica.

Washingtonian April 2015 Issue contributor, Amanda Hurley

Revenge is always sweetest when carried out on April Fools’ Day.

District Doughnut

This one was more obviously false, but a good effort from the popular dessert shop.

Smithsonian National Zoo

Just try to watch the sloth cam and not get annoyed by the slow pace. It’s a prank all its own.

Newt Gingrich

He used this “holiday” to poke fun at President Obama’s policies.

DC Native Bill Nye

Want to watch some of your favorite celebrities do something funny for 1.5 seconds? You don’t have a choice because the clips are so addicting.
Funny or Die created Dips, or 1.5-second long videos, that website founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay claim are the best new way for communicating. Tons of celebrities contributed to their campaign, including the Science Guy.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market even turned on us and made a fake blog for April Fools’ Day! Bloggers wrote fake stories ranging from plant-based underwear to a new brand launch called 366 Everyday Value, spoofing their 365 Everyday Value brand. The 366 brand is for the leap year and has one more unit in each package; so 13 eggs in a dozen. Below is an article advertising organic tattoo parlors to be set up in all Whole Foods Markets.

Lesson learned: always set your BS meter on high on April 1.