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Celebrate James Joyce’s “Ulysses” With This 30-Hour Marathon Reading

The Petworth Citizen is hosting an all-night(-and-all-day) reading of the modernist novel. Happy Bloomsday, everyone.

James Joyce, via Flickr user Ben Ledbetter.

Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from a Petworth stairhead last evening, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. Mulligan, Leopold Bloom, and the rest of the characters from James Joyce’s Ulysses have taken over the Petworth Citizen (829 Upshur St., NW) for the next 30-odd hours, where a marathon reading of the novel is on Bloomsday, June 16.

The Petworth bar, which claims to host DC’s only marathon reading of the book, was open all night, serving coffee, Irish whiskey, and—during opening hours—its full menu. Here’s an approximate schedule of the rest of Tuesday, especially useful for anyone who’d rather skip over that damned “Oxen of the Sun” episode:

Nausicaa 1: 8am
Nausicaa 2: 9am
Oxen of the Sun 1: 10am
Oxen of the Sun 2: 11am
Oxen of the Sun 1: 12pm
Circe 1: 12:30pm
Circe 2: 1:30pm
Circe 3: 2:30pm
Circe 4: 3:30pm
Circe 5: 4:30pm
Eumaeus 1: 5pm
Eumaeus 2: 6pm
Ithaca 1: 7pm
Ithaca 2: 8pm
Ithaca 3: 9pm
Penelope 1: 10pm
Penelope 2: 11pm
Penelope 3: 12am

Thank Project Gutenberg for an online copy of the book, and check Monday morning’s Things to Do post for additional events around town.

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