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Five Reasons to Check Out Peter Pan at Tysons Corner Center

The family-friendly show runs through August 16.

Dan Rosales, who plays the lead role, flies around in Peter Pan at Tysons Corner Center. Photo courtesy Jeremy Daniel.

The classic tale of Peter Pan has thrived for more than a century, and now you can enjoy the show in a whole new way. Including intricate projections and flying acrobats in a theater-in-the-round tent, Peter Pan at Tysons Corner Center is unlike anything else you’ve seen before. Here are five reasons why you should go.

1. Actors literally soar across the stage.

What would a Peter Pan show be without some flying? Cast members zoom through the air multiple times, twisting and twirling midair. From Peter to Tinker Bell to Wendy, each of them makes flight look effortless.

2. Panoramic 360-degree projections bring the theater to life.

The show takes place in a theater-tent, but the lights projected onto the stage take you on a vibrant journey. As Pan and the crew fly to Neverland, the audience is taken with them as they soar over London. The Lost Boys climb poles and do flips while building a home for Wendy. Mermaids dangle from silk ribbons performing acrobatic feats against an underwater background. Sword fights, dancing, and the occasional song make this an action-packed show.

3. The audience takes an active role in the story.

Given the space’s tight constraints, the cast is placed very close to the audience. The result? Lots of fun and friendly banter. At one point during a recent performance, Captain Hook looked out to the crowd and asked, “Do you fear me?” “No!” a child in the audience responded. Peter Pan also engages with the audience. In order to help Tinker Bell, he asked the crowd if they believe in fairies. Of course, many young audience members were eager to help.

4. Your kids will thank you afterwards.

Don’t think that your kids won’t enjoy a show that they’ve most likely seen before. Kids of all ages sit wide-eyed and eager as the play progresses–some even let out loud “Oohs” and “Ahhs” throughout the night.

5. There’s something cool about watching a show in a tent.

One of the best parts about the show is that it takes a very basic performance space and adds state-of-the-art touches. Audiences will still experience the intimacy of a tent, but the 360-degree projections and flying cast members really open up the space and make it feel like a huge stage.

A few things to know before you go: Don’t let the tent fool you. It might be sticky outside, but the tent itself is kept very cool. Bring a sweater.

Peter Pan at the Threesixty Theatre at Tysons Corner Center runs through August 16. Tickets $25 to $125. 800-745-3000.