Everything You Need to Know About Sweetgreen’s New App

What other salad chain has "black status" membership and Uber escorts?

Washington-based salad chain Sweetgreen announced the launch of their new app today, and it’s pretty fancy thanks to the company’s $95 million in fundraising. Customers can now order, customize bowls, pay, and gain rewards through their mobile devices, all designed to increase patronage at the chain’s 19 area locations (i.e. take over the salad world). Here’s what you need to know, from how to gain “black status” to the special salad line.

  • The app works as a rewards program, where users earn $9 for every $99 they spend—roughly every ten Guacamole Greens, or the price of a nice dinner at a sit-down restaurant. Spend a full $100 and earn “green status” in the app’s loyalty program.
  • You can aspire to become a Sweetgreen black member—the highest level in the loyalty program. So what does the Centurion Card of the salad bar get you? Free upgrades like all-you-can-eat avocado? A Kale Caesar that tastes like a Cronut? The ability to say “heavy” dressing and not feel ashamed? We can only dream.
  • Real black status perks include occasional free fitness classes, and a complimentary VIP ticket to the Sweetlife festival where you can feel bad about not attending more fitness classes because the average fest-goer seems to be 22, dressed for Coachella, and armed with the metabolism of a child.
  • Black status can only be achieved by spending $2,500 in a year. On salad. And lemonade. Sometimes gazpacho. No one who’s age-appropriate for Sweetlife has $2,500 to spend on lunch, or in general.
  • It’s now possible to build your own bowl on the app with nifty pictures of the ingredients and their caloric impact. It’s also possible to realize you’ve composed a salad with more calories than a Big Mac.
  • There’s a lot of information on the new app, but “umami walnuts” remain a mystery.
  • A special, speed-friendly line has been created in the restaurants for those picking up mobile purchases, while the general public—not even green members!—has their own queue.
  • No Sweetgreen within walking distance? You can order Uber through the new app to escort you to the nearest location. You know, that world where the year is filled with $2,500-worth of Kale Caesars, and only a black car will do for picking up an Earth Bowl.

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