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The CIA Shared Classified UFO Documents to Celebrate the Return of The X-Files

Photograph via 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Even the CIA is trying to piggyback on the return of The X-Files. On Monday, the agency’s Twitter account posted a webpage titled “Take a Peek Into our X-Files” that links to previously classified documents, specifically ones catered towards the interests of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (if only interagency cooperation was this easy). Though they’ve been public for many years now—they were declassified following multiple requests under the Freedom of Information Act—this is the first time the CIA has drawn attention to them on social media.

The documents include annotated reports of sightings with headings such as “UFO’s Observed Over Norway” and “Unexplained Traveling Bright Light Seen In Sky.” There’s also a strange memorandum from 1952, titled “Flying Saucers Problem,” which makes vague references to CIA investigations into alien life. “It was agreed that the saucer problem should be attacked by getting together the responsible individuals in the community to work out a program of research and intelligence which can then be implemented by them directly,” the document reads. Creepy stuff.

Since making a Twitter account in June 2014, the CIA has been ridiculed for its strained attempts at internet humor. There’s some of that here too—a followup tweet links to a page that outlines ten tips for investigating a UFO while asking the question “Flying saucer or Soviets?”—however these are real CIA documents about real reports. Mulder and Scully would most definitely be interested.