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The DC Pet Owner’s Guide to Vet Etiquette

Notes from a Washington veterinarian on how the humans should behave at their pets’ appointments.

Photograph by Mel Yates/Getty Images.

5 Things Vets Wish Pet Owners Would Stop Doing

Pet etiquette at the vet. Photograph via iStock.
Rule No. 3: Don’t use the internet to diagnose your pet. Photograph via iStock.

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Really Awkward Vet Encounters (And How to Avoid Them)

Photograph via iStock.
Learn how to avoid cat freak outs, and more. Photograph via iStock.

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5 Ways to Save Time at the Vet

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Be proactive, and your wait will be much more pleasant. Photograph via iStock.

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Veterinarian Chris A. Miller is co-owner of AtlasVet in Northeast DC. His colleague Dr. Brittany Cartlidge contributed to this story.

This article appears in our February 2016 issue of Washingtonian.