Local Pizza Chain Will Offer Fast-Casual Weddings for Pi Day

&pizza converts its newest shop into a Vegas-style wedding chapel.
A couple gets married at &pizza on Pi Day. Photograph courtesy of &pizza.

We’ve seen Pi Day celebrated with free slices and two-for-one deals, but the local &pizza chain is taking the 3.14 festivities/shameless promos to the next level. Come March 14 of this year, the restaurant will transform its upcoming Columbia Heights location into a “Vegas-style” wedding chapel for nuptials and vow renewals, complete with free music, flowers, food, and a legal wedding officiant from DC-based Pop! Wed Co.

Pi Day is usually embraced by math geeks or pizza and pie lovers—and the restaurants who love promoting these products. The rationale behind &pizza’s connection to 3.14 is a little more tenuous.

Since the dawn of time, the ampersand has stood for connecting two things,” says a statement from the company. “Since 2012, &pizza has stood for bringing the good people of DC together with great pizza, and more than a few late-night love connections have come from the combination.”

Hey, at least it’s a classier story than the late-night love connections happening over at Jumbo Slice. Anyone who’s interested in getting hitched in true fast-casual style can contact the company for reservations from 9 am to 8 pm. The next step: celebrate your anniversary with &pizza neck tattoos.

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