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Have You Seen Michael Steel’s Stolen Puppy?

Republican operative Michael Steel is living every dog owner’s worst nightmare: Tuesday afternoon, between 1 and 2 PM at 9th and K streets, NW, Steel’s four-month-old Boston terrier puppy was stolen from his car.

“She came along while I was running some errands yesterday,” Steel says. “We pulled into a parking spot at 9th and K, behind Acadiana. We got out and walked around the grassy area where K meets New York. I put her back in her carrier in the car, went to grab a bite to eat, came back, and the passenger side window was smashed.”

The puppy’s full name is Magnolia Steel, but she usually goes by Maggie. She weighs seven or eight pounds and is black and white, with a subtle streak of brindle-coloring on her right shoulder. When she was taken, she was wearing a red, Gooby-brand harness, along with a silver tag with her name and contact information. Steel is especially distraught because Maggie is not yet fully vaccinated and has recently been ill with giardia, which causes an upset stomach. Steel, a former press secretary for retired House Speaker John Boehner and adviser to Jeb Bush‘s presidential campaign is offering a $10,000 reward for Maggie’s safe return.

Because Maggie’s carrier looks like a gym bag from the top, Steel says it’s possible that whoever stole her did not realize they were taking a dog. He and a group of friends have been busy searching alleyways and posting fliers. Anyone who would like to help search—or better yet, anyone who has information about Maggie’s whereabouts—should call 224-440-6552 or email

“She’s a sweet and adorable girl,” says Steel. “We just want her to come home.”

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