You Can Get a “Skin Gym” Membership at This Med Spa Coming to Shaw

Photograph of original Blush location in Bethesda courtesy Blush Skincare.

Blush Skincare has been on our radar for a while for their unique spa business model: the spa sells “Skin Gym” memberships, a system that provides members with one treatment per month . Not only is it an awesome way to save money on facials, it’s also a good way to motivate you to keep up with your skincare.

“You wouldn’t work out your body once a year or eat healthy once a year and expect your body to be at its healthiest, so why is the skin any different, considering it is your largest organ?” says Blush Skincare founder Dr. Arleen Lamba. “It can show signs of physical and emotional stresses, pollution and lifestyle can effect its texture and tone. The Blush membership allows people to stay committed to their skin ‘work out’ on a regular basis so that they achieve clean, clear, and healthier skin tone.”

Now, following their original location in Bethesda, Blush is planning to open a second location in Shaw’s The Shay development.

“Blush‘s Skin Gym has disrupted the skincare industry and we will continue to do so. It seemed a natural move for us to be in a neighborhood that, like us, is ever evolving and filled with vibrant energy,” says Lamba.

For the $69 per month annual “Skin Gym” membership, clients can come in for one “core” treatment each month, giving them the choice between a facial, microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, or light therapy. Considering that many of the “core” treatments offered by Blush can easily cost $100 or more on their own, the fact that clients have got their choice of services for under $70 is notable. Along with the one treatment per month, members are also provided with access to other services at Blush at a discounted member rate.

In addition to designing her “health club for your skin” concept, Lamba has also produced her own line of skincare products, with names like “Super Star” serum and “Squeaky Clean” cleanser. The spa will also sell products from other skincare lines including The Body Deli, Sabon, One Love Organics, and Herbivore.

Blush Skincare is slated to open at 1921 Eighth St., NW, Suite 135 in September.

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