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Photos: A Citizenship Ceremony on Roosevelt Island

Photos: A Citizenship Ceremony on Roosevelt Island
Sohail Kaiser, from Bangladesh, takes a selfie with the American flag after becoming a naturalized citizen during a ceremony on Roosevelt Island on October 17, 2016. All photographs by Evy Mages
Immigrants from 28 countries took the oath to become US citizens during a ceremony on Theodore Roosevelt Island Monday. The National Park Service is hosting over 100 naturalization ceremonies to commemorate its 100th anniversary. Voter registration tables were set up, and new citizens who live in Virginia were able to meet that state’s deadline to register to vote.
Mayra Bennett from Brazil during the Pledge of Allegiance during her citizenship ceremony.
Kouatli Ahmed, from Morocco, takes a selfie.
Aaron Gaza, from the Philippines, waves a flag.


Leah and Lara Khalat celebrate with cupcakes and flags after their mom, Khalat Ahmed from Iraq, became a US citizen.
Susanne Williams, from Germany, hugs her 9-month-old daughter Isabelle after becoming a naturalized citizen.
New citizens were able to register to vote immediately following the ceremony.


The National Park Service offered a special cake to welcome newly minted citizens.