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Joe Biden: “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

Joe Biden: “I’m Not Going Anywhere”
All photographs by Evy Mages

Vice President Joe Biden stopped outside his residence on Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Tuesday, to greet dozens of supporters. They’d gathered, they said, to show their appreciation for Biden’s accomplishments and years of public service.


Biden approached the crowd wearing sunglasses, which he removed before saying, “We’ve got to give this other administration a chance, too, okay? This is the way democracy works.” He responded to someone holding a sign that read “Let’s Get Ice Cream After This” by saying, “We love ice cream together.”


“I’m not going anywhere,” the vice-president said. “I’m no longer going to be vice-president, but I’m going to stay involved with things I’ve always been involved with.”

Kathryn Kohn held a large cutout of Joe Biden’s head: She said the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, which Biden introduced, “was a big deal for my family. It is fun to take the edge off some protests and have a demonstration of love.”



Erick Sanchez, the organizer of the rally, held a sign that read, “Don’t Pack Joe.” He said, “We owe a debt of gratitude to his work on behalf of working class families, women, the LGBT community, minorities and so many others that benefitted from his work.  I think it was important for Democrats, particularly young people, who have become disheartened by the election, to come together to remember our accomplishments. I am hoping that those who made it and those who couldn’t can use this opportunity to get inspired, get organized and prepare for another fight.”



Trey, a wire hair fox terrier during a rally for Vice President Joe Biden